About Syd - the Social Media guru

Syd is not only passionate about the arts but she is also passionate about communicating a message that is not only clear but also inspiring. 

For the past couple years she has come alongside different organizations, nonprofits as well as businesses to help them improve their social media presence. 

Syd believes social media marketing is more than just words; readers want to know why so they can align with your brand without reading a bottomless pit of words. She believes in building brand awareness and drive loyalty to create repeat customers and conversions. Syd loves making your ideas jump off the page to inspire your customers. She may be the one behind the keyboard but her main job and focus are to help your voice come alive, align with your customer base, and help build your brand.

Young. Innovative. Creative. Timely. If your business needs social media marketing, social media strategy, graphics, newsletter, website management, or anything short of the kitchen sink, she can help make your business jump off the page.

Hate the way your Instagram and Facebook look? Can't keep up? In need of a freelance social media/communication manager? In need of a passionate go-getter? Syd would love to chat.  




“Sydney really helped Leadership Pathway take our social media platforms to the next level. She is savvy enough to catch our voice, put her sense of current style to it and got us in front of the right types of people especially on Instagram. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who knows they gotta do this, but don’t have ability or time to think about it. She was always punctual & available for questions, and open to other ideas.”

-Dave Miller, Founder

Work Timeline : Jan 2018 - Current

What Syd Does :  Manages Leadership Pathway Instagram



"Sydney was responsible for our social media at the bakery.  She was instrumental in creating a unified and cohesive social media presence across all platforms.  She consistently captured and created engaging content which increased our interaction with customers.  She also researched and introduced us to new platforms we didn't use before." Beth Brown - Owner of W+M

Work Timeline : Jan 2017 - Aug 2017

What Syd Does :  Managed W+ M Instagram /// W+M Facebook



"Sydney Chase has helped our organization grow in both public perception and internal culture growth. She has a specific gift in exposing all of the good things that are going on inside of the business and allowing others to feel included in all of it. This is very important to me as an Executive Director of a non-profit when it plays such a significant part in spreading our message and mission.” 

- Ben Shafer, Executive Director - 402 Arts Collective

Work Timeline : Jan 2014-Jan 2017

What Syd Does :  Managed the 402 Facebook /// 402 Instagram /// 402 Blog /// 402 Mailchimp (newsletter /// 402 Website (Squarespace)



Sydney started her own art business several years ago.  Although she has been making art for as long as she can remember, she started taking her art seriously in 2014.  Syd's main focus for promotion has been through social media.  She posts multiple times a week making her pages active and vibrant.

Work Timeline : Jan 2014- Current

What Syd Does :  Manages Sydney Brooke Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group (Private), Mailchimp, and Blog