It's a NEW YEAR - Let's Draw!

Happy almost 2018! Here is a little gift to you from me!

Are you hosting a New Years party this Sunday?  If so here is a last minute design idea to help decorate your home :



I used ACID FREE PAPER and a WHITE PAINT MARKER - however you can use a chalkboard and chalkboard marker and/or a canvas with a paint marker.  I would recommend a dark background and a white or light marker for this design.

Here we go!

1. Get set up! Find your background and paint marker or chalk marker.


2. Write out 2018.  I like to make my numbers look more geometric - specifically zeros.  2018 does not have to be perfectly centered so don't sweat it to much. 


3. Nice! Now we are going to give those numbers some depth and dimension.  Pick a side and make a parallel line in each number.  For an example (below) I put an extra line inside the 2.


4. Next put a line inside the zero on the left hand side - two small lines on the top and bottom of the 1 (making it look like a skinny I) - for the 8 add a curved line on the top and bottom on the left side. 


5. Drop two lines on either side of the 1 (use the small dashes you previously made as a guide). 


6. Fill it in! If your marker is skipping and/or almost picking up the paint - don't worry - we will have time to touch up these numbers.  Also close that pesky 8!


7. Draw two small arches on either side of the 2018 to the bottom of the page.  This will appear like a "u" shape with a small break in the bottom.  Remember how I said your 2018 didn't have to be centered? This is why! One side of your "u" shape can be longer than the other filling up that off-centeredness. I'm full of these little cheats.  No worries if the lines aren't perfect - we will touch them up later.


8. Here we go! Write the word "here" in your best grandma cursive! We will be adding some flair so leave some space between your letters.  


9. I knew you had it in you.  Remember how we added some UMPH to those numbers? Let's do the same thing to these letters.  We will be using that same idea of thickening one side. EXAMPLE: I added a parallel line to the outside of the stem of the "h", a curved line outside of the "e's" and a line under the arch of the "r"


10. Fill'er in baby!


11. What's next? WE is - or is it are? Either way... write the word "WE" under the -re of HERE.  I used a more geometric thin font for this little word. 


12. Next write the word "COME." Again I used a thin geometric handwriting "style." This may be the most stressful word to write out of the entire image.  I GOT'CHU (yes I have another cheat coming your way- you'll just have to wait for it.. no sweat!). Don't worry if your letters are straight.  Write it slightly off centered under the word "here" and I'll help you with the rest. Add some !! if you need some weight to balance the word out (like i did).


13. I think you know whats next... DRESS UP THOSE LETTERS AS IF IT WAS GOING OUT ON A HOT DATE! 


14. Flower power time! We will be adding two small flowers in the break of the "u" shape.  I will show you how to make a daisy and simple rose.  Let's start with the daisy. Draw a small circle for the center.


15. Ready for my secret to these whimsical daisies?  Believe it or not it's imperfection. Remember when someone taught you as a five-year-old to draw those flower petals as perfect ovals?! THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW. THEY DONE TAUGHT YOU WRONG. Let your creative petal drawing flow. 


I'm serious - have fun with it! Add little lines in the center of the petals.


16. Onward and upward my friend! Moving onto our little rose.  Draw a small circle and a slightly larger circle around it.


17. Petal time! Now instead of adding petals and pulling them out (like the daisy) we will be circling the pedals around.  These petals will build on one another. *See next two images


18. Now its your turn leaves.  Again I don't want to see any perfect leaves.  Make them spiky weird triangles gosh dang it! 

Add yer-self little lines in each leaf - cause like - why not?!


19. Remember how I said not to worry about that word "come?" Here is why: we are adding a design element under it! Here we go : draw a line under the "CO" - curve this line up and go diagonally down -curve up and go diagonally down again - then one more time. Confused? Me to. Here are some pictures..


Hey why don't we add some dots? They make everything better.


20. Alright let's deal with the "u" shape. We will be adding leaves all up and down each side. These leaves will have a heart shape like <3 - you will want the curved part of the heart closest to the stem. 


21. Avoid those dumb bubbly hearts that you mastered in middle school - think more punk rock pointy hearts. Now that I insulted 12-year-old you... fill 'em in!


22. Want to do more? Cool! Do the other side of the "u" shape exactly the same way!


23. Remember how I said you would have sometime to touch up things?  Here is your time.  Touch up 2018 - the stem part of your "u" shape and whatever else is bugging you.


24. Almost done! We are adding one final design element below the 8 and above the 2.  This design element will use your skills when it comes to pointy punk rock hearts and crescent moons. Yah.. okay. Draw a crescent moon shape under the 8 and three punk rock pointy hearts (leaves) around it.


Do the same thing above the 2 and then fill it all in! Oh and dots always make things better remember?


25. We are done! Now go answer the door your friends are here!

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